Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.

Kahlil Gibran





Ainstey Conservation

Yorkshire conservation group

BBC wildlife

Excellent magazines

Bexley Council

Thoughtful biodiversity plan

Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership



Local Authorities, National Agencies and Local Communities working together to promote environmental and economic initiatives in the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

British Trees

Contains a wealth of reference material for all those interested in native British trees

British Wild Flowers Superb photographs; site very good for identification issues

British Wildlife Magazine

The only independent magazine covering all aspects of British wildlife and its conservation


Produce the best handbooks for Local Action; Sand Dunes; Hedging; Toolcare; The Urban Handbook; Dry Stone Walling; Footpaths; Waterways & Wetlands; Fencing; Tree Planting & Aftercare; Woodlands; Health & Safety Overview; How & Why; Practical Conservation

Butterfly Conservation Trust

Check for Butterfly meadows in your area

Community Trees

Interesting American site

Cornish Hedge Group

Cornwall Biodiversity Initiative to bring together bodies with an interest in Cornish Hedges.

Countryside Survey

Countryside Survey 2000 (CS2000) is a major audit of the British countryside. It has involved both detailed field observations and satellite imagery which has provided a complete land cover census


One of the longest established and most respected environmental groups, influencing policy and raising awareness ever since being founded in 1926.

Devon County Council

Biodiversity plan

Durham County Council

Fine site on hedges, hedgelaying and hedge maintenance

Eastleigh Borough Council

“Welcome to the fascinating world of native trees and wildflowers”

Excellent section describing native trees

English Heritage

English Heritage   make sure that the historic environment of England is properly maintained and cared for

English Nature/Natural England

English Nature (now Natural England) looks after the conservation of wildlife, geology and wild places in England.A Government agency set up by the Environment Protection Act 1990 and funded by the DEFRA

Excellent source of photographs

Federation of City Farms

City farms and community gardens are community-managed projects working with people, animals and plants.  They range from tiny wildlife gardens to fruit and vegetable plots on housing estates, from community polytunnels to large city farms.

Floral Images Beautiful photos, showing details of flowers of most British species; particular helpful for identification purposes

Flora search

How to identify a plant

Friends of the Earth

Sort out your planet locally with FOE

Gilbert White Museum


An essential visit to the home of Britain's first great naturalist, ecologist and birdwatcher: wonderful garden, and great walks and pubs nearby - an excellent day out !

Green Lanes Network

Aiming to create a system of safer, landscaped walking and cycle routes to link  public places in Southwark; Exemplary local community site

Hampshire Conservation Volunteers

Excellent volunteer organisation for Hampshire

Hampshire Wildlife Trust

Check for your local Wildlife Trust

Heritage Woodlands

Run programme to restore   ‘Heritage Woodlands’ lying in the South Yorkshire Forest

Landlife wildflowers

Grow and supply native wildflower seeds and plants in any quantities to anywhere in the UK mainland.

National Trust

Extraordinary and unique institution

National Biodiversity Network

Links to search portal. The National Biodiversity Network allows you to view distribution maps and download UK wildlife data
Natural England: see English Nature    


Tree advice

Notes on Hedgerow Regulations 1997

Princes Trust

A charity that helps young people overcome barriers and get their lives working through practical support including training

River Wey Trust

The southern branch of the River Wey rises in the hills around Haslemere. The northern branch starts in Alton, and is fed by springs from the chalk aquifer. Fascinating river and history

Royal Forestry Society

Further the appreciation, understanding and knowledge of trees, woods and forests.


Informative site: this part on hedgerow history


Everything for the twitcher - and normal people too

SAPS (Science and Plants for Schools)

Excellent plant idenfication site

Serena at Schools

Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!

Skye Nature Notes

If you need to escape...

Skye Flora


Beautiful site showing superb photographs of local flora

Somerset County Council

Guide to hedgerow wildlife

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council Biodiversity plan

Tree Council

The Tree Council run the Tree Warden scheme

Tree Nurseries

Locate local supplier of trees and hedging plants

Tree of Life A collaborative effort of biologists from around the world to provide information about the diversity of organisms on Earth

Tree Trader

Locate nurseries producing native trees

Unified Community


Unified Community is a portal to over a thousand websites on sustainability, with categories spanning appropriate technology, community and cultural restoration, renewable energy, protection of our natural environment and more.

When to watch wildlife

Provides a month by month viewing guide

Wild about Britain


Huge site covering Birds, General Wildlife, Insects, Water Life, Astronomy, Environment, Tourism, Flora, Mammals and Weather

Wild Flower Society


For amateur Botanists

Comprehensive list of links: perhaps the first place to go for information on Wildlife and conservation

Wildlife Trust

Wildlife Trust Habitat Action Plan

Wildlife Trusts

The UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to all wildlife

Woodland Trust

Find your local wood


Information about various woods used for turning and furniture

WorldLand Trust

The World Land Trust has been working to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands, and has helped purchase and protect over 300,000 acres of habitats rich in wildlife, in Belize, Costa Rica, the Philippines, South America and the UK

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